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Smart Justice California educates and emboldens policymakers who support meaningful criminal justice reforms that promote safety, fairness and healthy communities.


We are an alliance of donors and funders working hand-in-hand with a broad coalition to foster common sense criminal justice reform through the electoral process, stakeholder engagement and voter education. 


Smart Justice California incentivizes state policymakers to support an array of transformative criminal justice policy changes through lobbying, grassroots and grasstops activation, relationship building, campaign support, policy briefings and educational retreats.

Since its inception, Smart Justice California has played a crucial role in the passage of dozens of groundbreaking reforms to California's criminal legal system.  


Smart Justice California partners with local allies to hold accountable and motivate district attorneys, sheriffs, and other local elected officials to embrace reform policies and practices; and to cultivate a candidate pipeline of justice reform champions. 

By engaging voters and leaders, we work to challenge the belief that local law enforcement must rely solely on incarceration. We also work with base building partners and other allies to provide direct support to candidates.


Smart Justice California’s Get Proximate program brings people with political, cultural, and financial power in close proximity with incarceration through well-curated prison visits and community gatherings.


Designed to humanize, educate, and galvanize, the anchor of every gathering is the opportunity to spend interactive time with directly impacted individuals who have engaged in personal growth and healing work, and who want to share their stories of hope and redemption.


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