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Smart Justice California educates and emboldens policymakers who support meaningful criminal justice reforms that promote safety, fairness and healthy communities.

We are an alliance of donors and funders working hand-in-hand with a broad coalition to foster common sense criminal justice reform through the electoral process, stakeholder engagement and voter education. 


With consecutive and decisive ballot initiative wins in 2012, 2014 and 2016, Californians have sent a clear message: we want justice reform. 

But state legislators continue to vote against sound reform measures.

Smart Justice California incentivizes state policymakers to support an array of transformative criminal justice policy changes through lobbying, grassroots and grasstops activation, relationship building, campaign support, policy briefings and educational retreats.


Elected prosecutors are the most powerful actors within the criminal justice system. They decide who is prosecuted and how they are punished. Despite clear support for reform, most district attorneys across California still promote practices that undermine the health and safety of the communities they represent. 

Smart Justice California is helping to change the belief that prosecutors must be incarceration-driven by engaging voters and establishing a statewide candidate pipeline of justice reform champions. We also work with base-building partners and other allies to provide direct support to candidates.


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